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Saint Michael’s Lutheran Church exists to worship God, love one another, and serve all people according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dear Members and Friends of Saint Michael’s,

Beginning immediately, Saint Michael’s will no longer require the use of masks at our worship services and other activities.  Based upon the decline in cases of COVID-19 paired with the universal eligibility of all adults in Texas to access a COVID-19 vaccine, the Board of Elders has decided that now is an appropriate time to make the use of masks optional for those participating in church events.

We appreciate the flexibility of the congregation over the past year as we have all adjusted to making changes for the sake of the health of our neighbors.

At this point, the only change to our procedures for our worship services and other events is that mask use is now optional rather than mandatory.  We will continue to provide ample hand sanitizer and masks for those who wish to use them and will continue to spread out from one another in church services and meetings as space allows.  We will also at this time continue to offer the option of participating in worship services from your vehicle in the parking lot.

Additionally, to address any concerns that some may have about being in the presence of unmasked people, the church will be making available high quality N95 masks at our church events for those who wish to use them.

If  you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email or phone.  God bless!

In Christ,

Pastor Nate


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